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Creating content at home

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Seeing we are entering lockdown 3, I thought I would share some tips on taking photos at home. I remember the first lock down I was panicking because I had never taken photos in door, I always relied on the beauty of natural lighting. Not only that but the idea of having to purchase props and create scenes to shoot in proved to be very difficult.

When out shooting in London, you pretty much find a location and shoot. A lot easier than all the planning and effort that goes into shooting at home. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and amazon became my best friend for a few months he would send me gifts to shoot with ;)

After testing a few different ideas you eventually get the hang of it, I am very privileged to have enough space to create different scenes within my home. But saying that I think creativity can be created anywhere and space shouldn't limit you.

I have attached some of my favourite work from 2020 that was all taken at home. I bought props like wallpaper, party decorations and lights to help elevate my images. Instantly my boring home images become full of life and character by just adding a few props into the shot.

List of items/props that help enhance your photos:

- Plants/flowers

- Garlands: flowers, different shapes like stars or hearts, seasonal ones

- Picnic props: basket, blanket and anything you desire really

- Wallpaper: this creates new backdrops, Hang them up for a photo then take them down after, super easy hack

- Blankets also can be great to create different back drops, perfect for flat lay style images

- Artificial food: yes! I'm serious aha. I have a full collection of artificial foods to shoot with, not only does this illuminate wasting food but its also hassle and mess free!

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