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  • Thuraya Al-Obaydi

London Christmas Locations 2020

I thought I would kick off my first blog post with my favourite Christmas Instagram spots of 2020. There are a lot more than I would have imagined during this pandemic, its honestly amazing seeing the festive spirit in London to cheer everyone up!

Regents Street Lights; You can create beautiful photos all on the one street. The iconic red bus and Christmas lights are all very magical!

The Ritz Hotel; Every corner of this has the potential to be photographed!

Crimean War Memorial; Piccadilly Circus, Not only the festive tree but the red phone booth really screams London!

The Lanesborough; Hyde Park Corner. This also looks amazing at night with the lights twinkling!

The Boltons; South Kensington, they out do their display year on year!

Jo Loves; Belgravia, Every season we are delighted with a new display!

The Royal Arcade; Near the famous Cartier Store on New Bond Street!

Neill Strain; Every display is honestly magical, year on year!

Carlyle Square; A new one for me this year and its absolutely amazing!

Joanna Wood; A popular display spot in Belgravia!

Cartier; New Bond Street

Covent Garden; they have a few displays spotted around as well as other establishments spruced up!

Hampton Court Palace Ice rink; First time skating here and it was magical!

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